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Inner Sanctum

We can build it with your help


Inner Sanctum is coming...

Let's build it together.

Are you ready for another well equipped, beautiful San Francisco Bay Area community dungeon? Of course you are! Buckle your seat belt because beneath the floors of Black Thorn, Inner Sanctum is coming!

A new basement dungeon, bigger than Black Thorn, with high celings, sound glass windows, multiple entryways, and 1,500 sqft of open, usable space, Inner Sanctum will be beautiful, well equipped, and well appointed, offering more room for educational classes and community building events.

The construction has begun and is well underway. To see images and video of the construction, go to the Updates page. Currently the concrete crew is on site and on track to pour a new foundation and floor to ceiling concrete walls by mid September. All of the workers are actively managed and are following the proper protocol required by the state of California to protect against the spread of Covid-19 by wearing masks, frequent hand washing, and distancing.

How exciting it is to envision and create a beautiful, brand new play space! You know we can do it, because we already have. From The Looking Glass (retired) to Black Thorn to Sacred Muse, to The Attic, and now Inner Sanctum, we have and we will.

About Me

You can read more about me, Jezebel, by going to Fetlife. You can also find information on our virtual classes, and in-person events, when the time is right, by visiting Black Thorn events. To receive notifications on upcoming events, please sign up for the mailing list.

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“You can design, create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”
Walt Disney


WHY are we building Inner Sanctum?

Community play spaces are important.

Community play spaces are important resources. They provide places of learning, a safe space for community building, a place to express ourselves in a non-judgmental, supportive environment; a place to make deep connections and break out of restrictive, social constructs.

Community play spaces allow us to be creative, to be scary, to be vulnerable, to confront our fear and discover our power; a place we where can learn from one another, celebrate diversity, and find common ground.

Community play spaces are where we can explore our imagination and enjoy playfulness! In doing so, we experience personal growth, empathy, boundary setting, and communication skills that enrich our lives and benefit the lives of others.

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“A building is not just a place to be but a way to be.”
Frank Lloyd Wright


What is the Challenge?

Together we got this!

As we all know, building in the Bay Area is expensive, really expensive, and we are building Inner Sanctum from the ground up. It will feature floor to ceiling concrete for robust sound insulation, suspension points, mood lighting, a sound system, new plumbing, new electrical, an HVAC system, brand new play equipment, and much more!

Raising the money we need to complete this project is crucial. With your help, we can make it happen.

Past Challenges, Past Victories

Several years ago I was faced with a similar challenge, to either demolish the dilapidated, old carriage barn behind Black Thorn or repair and renovate the building. It was an ambitious construction project that took two years to complete.

That building is now Sacred Muse. It is a gorgeous, well-equipped play space that people have been enjoying ever since. A privately accessed upper floor was also constructed as a second dungeon called, The Attic.

Another big Thank You again to those whose contribution helped to build these popular community dungeons. We Did It! And we can do it again.

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“We shape our buildings: Thereafter, they shape us.”
Winston Churchill


How can you help?

There are so many ways!

You can help us build Inner Sanctum by backing this project with a monetary pledge or by offering goods and services. Your contribution is not without perks! The pledges offer a range of tempting gifts for you and yours. Thank you for your generosity.

You can also opt for smaller, recurring monthly payments by going to our new Patreon account and showing your support there.

Volunteer Time and Donation Drop-Off

Any kink related items that you would like to donate for community use like implements, cuffs, rope or general furnishings such as nice furniture, lighting, mirrors, etc. would be a welcome drop off! Bigger ticket items can also be negotiated for dungeon time trade.

We need helping hands. If you are able to volunteer for any of the projects listed below, that's wonderful! Please reach out and tell me a bit more about yourself and sign up for a volunteer shift or send me an email: I look forward to connecting with you! Thank you for your service.

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Sheet Rock
  • Painting
  • Flooring
  • Hauling
  • General
  • Cleaning
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“If you build it, they will come.”
Field Of Dreams


Become a backer of Inner Sanctum! Below are a myriad of different pledges and their gifts for you in return.

Everyone who has donated or volunteered will be listed on a separate gratitude page once the Inner Sanctum website is built. If you do not want to be acknowledged, no problem.

Those who become a BLACK PEARL backer will also receive an invitation to Inner Sanctum's VIP launch party!

Please note: While we are not hosting in-person play parties at this time, they will be returning eventually and with gusto!

Please give what you can. Your generosity is very much needed and appreciated. If you can only make a small donation, we thank you! Every little bit helps bring us closer to completion.

Making a secure donation is easy, just click on one of the Pledges. Our goal is to raise $50,000 within one year. This is about how long we expect the complete construction and creation of Inner Sanctum to take.

We need all hands on deck. A new world is on the horizon. Build it with us.

Current status: $6,743 of $50,000

Patreon Pledge

    A regular contribution.
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    Custom Pledge

      Make a wish!
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      Black Obsidian

      What you get:
      • A heartfelt Thank You!
      • A shout out on social media, if you like
      Select the Black Obsidian

      Rose Quartz

      What you get:
      • Everything in previous pledge
      • Two free Zoom play parties or classes
      Select the Rose Quartz

      Blue Turquoise

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • One hour dungeon rental gift card for The Attic
      Select the Blue Turquoise

      Purple Amethyst

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • One hour private BDSM instruction
      Select the Purple Amethyst

      Green Jade

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Free entry to current Zoom classes or play events for 6 months
      Select the Green Jade

      Black Pearl

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Invitation to exclusive VIP Inner Sanctum launch party with a plus one (post Covid)
      Select the Black Pearl

      Blue Sapphire

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Overnight dungeon rental
      Select the Blue Sapphire

      Green Emerald

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • One hour with a Pro-Domme
      Select the Green Emerald

      Red Ruby

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Private party rental (post Covid)
      Select the Red Ruby

      Fire Opal

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Exclusive kinky dinner party and toast in your name (post Covid)
      Select the Fire Opal

      Violet Taaffeite

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Custom, private kinky video. Be your own lead actor!
      Select the Violet Taaffeite

      Blue Diamond

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • Invitation to the Inner Sanctum advisory council
      • Dungeon equipment named after you
      Select the Blue Diamond

      Red Diamond

      What you get:
      • Everything in the previous pledges
      • VIP Inner Sanctum launch party hosted in your name
      • A plaque with your name on the wall
      Select the Red Diamond


      Read more about the creation of Inner Sanctum by clicking on the updates pages! I am greatly enjoying this recorded chronicle of events. Creating new spaces is such an exciting adventure!


      To reach out with questions or an offer of support, please email me at

      I check emails often and will respond in a timely manner. Thank you!

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      Lake Merritt Area of Oakland, CA