First Inspection

June 29th, 2020

I was out of town the day our the first inspection was scheduled. It was the first of several rebar inspections, which we had to pass before we could pour concrete. This would be the first time an inspector stepped on to the property and set eyes on our construction site. Inspectors can be a little bit scary. Their approval is absolutely critical for a building project to move forward. Their disapproval can result in bigger delays and more expense, sometimes extremely so.

If an inspector is having a bad day when they come to inspect your project, you could be in for a hard time of it and I’ve seen it happen. It’s usually when the hands go on the hips and the eyes narrow, that trouble is brewing from my observations. Fortunately, most of the inspectors I’ve met are quite reasonable if you know how to talk with them.

So, of course, I was thrilled when I got the news that we passed the inspection with flying colors! Yay! Check one for the first inspection. Now, we have 7 or 8 more to go, I think. Hopefully, with fingers crossed, the rest will also be approved without issue. I’m knocking on wood over here…


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