The Bamboo (fun video)

July 22nd, 2020

In order to make space on the back side of Black Thorn for what will be one of several entryways into Inner Sanctum, we need to remove a 14' tall staircase that runs diagonally across the building. Demolishing that staircase means we need to build another one at a different angle to the house. And, as one thing leads to another, in order to make room to build the new staircase, we first had to move a very heavy trough of bamboo. Moving the bamboo to a new location proved to be trickier than we imagined...

The Bamboo Story:

Maintaining the privacy of people visiting the dungeons here at our kinky compound is one of my top priorities. In January of 2018 when, after two years, the Sacred Muse building project was finally complete, I decided to create a visual screen by using bamboo to effectively block the view of the sidewalk leading up to Sacred Muse from potentially curious neighbors.

On Craigslist, I found three 3' x 8' troughs of bamboo for a reasonable price. The only catch was moving these suckers. Each of the troughs were incredibly heavy, over 500lbs, due to the bamboo's dense tangle of root with stalks shooting up over ten feet high. Back then, we managed to move those troughs using a team of people and literally cutting each trough in half with a chainsaw before piecing them back together once they were properly placed. I was worried the bamboo might die having its root system sawed in half but, of course, these plants are insanely hardy and were completely unaffected.

The bamboo did an amazing job of creating a green screen along the sidewalk between Black Thorn and Sacred Muse. And it is a good thing too because during our big, double dungeon play parties, people come dressed in all kinds of interesting, shiny fetish wear or not much at all... Surely, for our neighbors, this cheerful parade of flamboyant people would have been more entertaining to watch than whatever was playing on the television.

Now it was time to move the bamboo again and after having enjoyed over two years of wet, loving care, those root bound troughs were even heavier and the bamboo's soaring green stalks were even higher. Better armed this time around, we brought in a bobcat and another team of people for the task. However, even with heavy machinery, the move became an entertaining study of physics.


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