Volunteer Work Day 1

June 7th, 2020

The first volunteer work day was June 7th. After a call on the mailing list went out for help with electrical work, about 30 people wrote in offering volunteer service. The skill levels ran from contractor, to licensed electricians, to lighting technicians, to home improvement amateurs, to no skill at all, just a desire to help. The enthusiastic response to the call for help was very heart-warming and encouraging. Our community is filled with generous, kind, supportive people! 🖤

The man leading this work day and those to come, is an electrical engineer. He is also the same amazing, wonderful man that wired up Sacred Muse. His name is James and I value him as friend and supporter of this community beyond measure.

The first of a series of volunteer work days required that we re-run electrical wire from the Inner Sanctum basement level, beneath Black Thorn, back up, through the floor boards and the walls and into the Black Thorn outlets and switches. We needed to replace old, hanging wire in order to clean up and eventually cap what will become the ceiling of Inner Sanctum.

The cleaning up of old wire was also an upgrade to Black Thorn where, over the years, old wiring led to occasional blackouts due to tripped circuit breakers. It's a bit of a jolt to have all the lights and music black out suddenly during a play party! Pun intended. :)

A contractor showed up on this day and offered helpful insights on the job at hand and the general scope of work on the whole Inner Sanctum build. As I talked with him in these early stages, it dawned on me what an enormous undertaking I had taken on. As feeling of being overwhelmed crept over me, I thought to myself, "Chin up, girl! One day at a time! We got this!" ...Of course, we got this but only with help from others, not just others... you!


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