Volunteer Work Day 2

July 12th, 2020

Our second volunteer work day was a continuation of the first volunteer work day. Re-wiring Black Thorn in order to clean up and prepare to cap the ceiling of Inner Sanctum was a big job and tedious. This time a new batch of volunteers arrived. They were a mix of licensed electricians and runners. The job of the runner was to go from down inside Inner Sanctum, and back around the house and up into Black Thorn carrying messages between those working up on ladders in the basement running wire through the joists, floor boards, and up inside the walls of Black Thorn to others who were pulling that wire and re-wiring outlets and switches inside Black Thorn.

Black Thorn was a mess of furniture pulled away at odd angels from the walls, bits and pieces of wire littering the floor, and tools laying haphazardly across dungeon equipment. It was also completely black inside due to the power being shut off. Those working on the electrical boxes inside were dark figures, silhouetted against improvisational spot lighting run with extension cords. It was chaotic and noisy but also very exciting and productive. The team work was awesome.


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