Volunteer Work Day 3

October 10th, 2020

The third volunteer work day was a continuation of the first and second work day. In addition to running new wire from Inner Sanctum and up into Black Thorn, we now also had the task of taking down all the closed cell rigid polyurethane foam insulation that covered up additional fiberglass foam from inside the bays between the ceiling joists of the basement.

The reason for removing the rigid foam insulation was not only to facilitate the re-wiring project but to also prepare to re-run water and gas lines for Black Thorn. Those old plumbing lines, like the electrical wire, hung down in disarray and at disjointed angels from the first floor of Black Thorn and needed to be moved out of sight, tucked neatly behind sheet rock in preparation to cap the ceiling of Inner Sanctum. The amount of insulation to take down was daunting but we had the man power to do it.


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