Volunteer Work Day 5

October 17th, 2020

The fifth volunteer work day was yet another continuation of electrical work that began on June 6th. By this time, we realized that the fiberglass foam (the pink stuff) that was underneath the rigid cell foam inside the bays between the ceiling joists of the basement would also need to be removed. There was too much old wire potentially hidden beneath the pink stuff. What we faced now was a growing mountain of pink insulation littering the floor of Inner Sanctum like a cotton candy fight at an amusement park.

These layers of insulation were installed to preserve the peace and quiet of Black Thorn during the noisier days of Inner Sanctum construction work as well as provide a barrier to the noxious gas fumes put out by the bobcat as ran in and out of the basement hauling giant loads of old broken concrete and dirt. With this in mind, not only would we need to take down all of the insulation but we would need to put it all back up as the work in Inner Sanctum is far from over.


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